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Sailaway lets you sail the entire world. While you sail in Sailaway, CVE lets you manage food, water and maintain your boat. You must deal with the weather and plan some stopovers to maintain your boat and your passengers. Almost 5866 places of interests are registered worldwide to simulate your trip. You will need some of the 2858 charter missions available worldwide to keep your bank account full. Have a nice sailing voyage experience !

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Getting started

New missions

Guadeloupe, Dominique trip

by Blackboro
passengers: 5
reward: 1623


by Blackboro
passengers: 3
reward: 24023
Transatlantic trip to Barbados. you will embark 3 adventurers wishing to go to the Caribbean.

The Raphaël Fishing Co. Ltd

by jon303
passengers: 4
reward: 3043
Pick up the CEO and wife.

La route de l'or 5ème étape : Vera Cruz (Brésil) - Montevideo (Uruguay)

by Olonnois
passengers: 5
reward: 20458
La route de l'or A la fin du 19ème siècle, la découverte de pépites d'or le long des cours d'eau Klondike et Yukon déclencha une ruée vers l'or sans précédent. Les chercheurs d'or du monde entier se ruèrent vers les gisements aurifères. Une des possibilités était de prendre un bateau à New-York et, en passant par le cap Horn, de rejoindre San Francisco puis de prendre des routes terrestres ou maritimes pour aller dans le Klondike. Cette croisière conçue pour de riches touristes, refait le voyage mais de façon plus sympathique en faisant des escales.

Diego Garcia “Oil Islands of Mauritius”

by jon303
passengers: 4
reward: 12783
1911, it had a population of 517 people, along with six villages, several other outposts, and two hospitals, not to mention 81 asses, 3 horses, 3 bullocks, and 1 mule. During the 19th century and most of the 20th century, the Chagossians, especially those of Diego Garcia, developed an identity of their own in their little island-world in a remote corner of the Indian Ocean. However, it was always be remembered that the Chagossians form part of the Mauritian nation and the Chagos islands an integral part of our Mauritian territory.

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Hardest sailors
  1. fx.froidure: 21484 nm
  2. Black Shark: 21112 nm
  3. jon303: 19927 nm
  4. Avel Mad: 16930 nm
  5. Phil G: 15382 nm
Best missions creators
  1. Olonnois: 45
  2. Jurien72: 31
  3. Avel Mad: 19
  4. Kreole: 15
  5. Beatnik: 10
Best pois creators
  1. Avel Mad: 48
  2. fishandfrog: 45
  3. Jurien72: 40
  4. Vert Seeler: 37
  5. Olonnois: 35
Best missions undertakers
  1. Uli: 41
  2. Phil G: 29
  3. jon303: 26
  4. Encelade: 22
  5. Olonnois: 20
Best money savers
  1. fx.froidure: 173203
  2. jon303: 129782
  3. Avel Mad: 122889
  4. Zenn56: 109343
  5. fishandfrog: 92140
Best money earners
  1. fx.froidure: 184585
  2. jon303: 138772
  3. Olonnois: 129667
  4. Avel Mad: 122679
  5. Zenn56: 112483