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Sailaway lets you sail the entire world. While you sail in Sailaway, CVE lets you manage food, water and maintain your boat. You must deal with the weather and plan some stopovers to maintain your boat and your passengers. Almost 6231 places of interests are registered worldwide to simulate your trip. You will need some of the 2924 charter missions available worldwide to keep your bank account full. Have a nice sailing voyage experience !

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Getting started

New missions

Littoral argentino

by Didier FV-R
passengers: 7
reward: 22715
Départ pour 28 étapes le long du littoral argentin

Playas de Uruguay

by Didier FV-R
passengers: 7
reward: 6346
Croisière de Rio Grande, Brésil à Colonia del Sacramento, Rio de la Plata.

Chasing the Sunset - Leg 3

by Mykell
passengers: 3
reward: 4397
Kitsuki to Itoman Marina, Okinawa, Japan. Mike and Misaki are celebrating their retirement by circumnavigating the globe. They've just seen her parents in Kitsuki, reunited them to her sister, Riko, and delivered the yosegaki hinomaru, or "Good Luck Flag" that belonged to her father's older brother to her father. Now, Mike and Misaki head out again with her father.. This time to Okinawa, to see for themselves where her uncle died during WWII. Mike's father had fought in the Pacific during this time as well, so both are keenly interested in this close family history. Misaki's father will fly back to Kitsuki if he can't find passage.

Chasing the Sunset - Leg 2

by Mykell
passengers: 3
reward: 34181
Honolulu to Kitsuki. Mike and Misaki are making their retirement dream come true with a circumnavigation of the world. But now, they must set their sights on Kitsuki, Japan, where Misaki's parents live. Riko, Misaki's sister, now boards and joins you on your trip to Japan to deliver the yosegaki hinomaru, or "Good Luck Flag" to Misaki and Riko's father, who's older brother died in WWII on Okinawa carrying this flag.

Chasing the Sunset - Leg 1

by Mykell
passengers: 2
reward: 16065
Take a husband and wife from Long Beach, CA to Honolulu, HI. Mike and Misaki have always dreamed of seeing the world by sail. Now that the kids are grown and they've been able to retire, it's time to set out. The husband and wife team crew with you to their first stop, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Here, they'll meet up with Misaki's sister, Riko. While the plan is to circumnavigate the globe, their first desire is to visit Misaki and Riko's parents in Japan, where they wish to present the yosegaki hinomaru, or "Good Luck Flag" of their father's older brother, who died in WWII on Okinawa. The Obon Society received the flag from a family living in Alabama, GA, USA, who said they found it in their father's WWII souvenirs after he passed away and knew of it's significance. Their wish was to see it restored to the family.

Best scores

Hardest sailors
  1. J J: 42651 nm
  2. Uli: 39120 nm
  3. fx.froidure: 39090 nm
  4. jon303: 32370 nm
  5. Rametep66: 31088 nm
Best missions creators
  1. Olonnois: 67
  2. Relic: 46
  3. Jurien72: 31
  4. Avel Mad: 24
  5. Beatnik: 16
Best pois creators
  1. Didier FV-R: 240
  2. fishandfrog: 105
  3. Relic: 75
  4. Robert Garrigos: 53
  5. Avel Mad: 48
Best missions undertakers
  1. Uli: 78
  2. Phil G: 39
  3. jon303: 35
  4. Olonnois: 33
  5. fx.froidure: 29
Best money savers
  1. fx.froidure: 312981
  2. J J: 297620
  3. Olonnois: 272096
  4. Didier FV-R: 210077
  5. Relic: 208132
Best money earners
  1. Olonnois: 353529
  2. fx.froidure: 330233
  3. J J: 315468
  4. fishandfrog: 231082
  5. Didier FV-R: 219067