How to use this addon?

Short introduction

This addon is a platform designed and developed for the community and by the community. It allows you to add a bit of realism to the navigation planning in the sailaway game. The goal is to sail your boat, maintain it and plan your sailings while keeping a financial balance.

If you encounter a bug or if you have a question, please go to the discord of the addon

Getting started

Start by creating an account on this site. When you create it, you will link it to one of your sailaway boats. Each type of boat has its own characteristics, they are described here. Choose it well!

How to play ?

This platform is connected to sailaway. It allows you to follow the progress of your boat. However, you can only control it from within the game. You will have to navigate from port to port to ensure the supply of your boat, find missions to finance the maintenance of your boat.

Explore ports and missions

This page allows you to explore without any limit all the ports, anchorages and remarkable places available in CVE. You can thus locate the places that will allow you:

You can also watch missions available in each harbour.

The blue disk that appears when hovering over the icons corresponds to the area in which CVE considers that a boat has arrived at its destination.

Points of interest

Manage the maintenance of your boat

The presence of water and food on board is essential to maintain the fitness of the skipper and his crew. The more people on board, the faster these stocks are consumed over time.

Sails and hulls degrade over time. Beware, below 80%, the degradation accelerates significantly! Bad weather also accelerates the degradation. The method of damage calculation is explained here.

Repairing your boat

When a boat is in dry dock, no resources are consumed. It is the ideal solution to put CVE on pause!

Conducting missions

You have to cover your expenses to allow for the maintenance of your boat! That's what missions are for! Once you've spotted the mission that corresponds to you, you can go to one of its ports of departure to activate it.

You will receive your reward once your task has been completed.

You can only do one mission at a time...

Better understand of the CVE model

coming up...

Propose new ports, anchorages and oddities

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Propose new missions

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