Sailing effect mechanisms


The boat is damaged with time. CVE computes 2 variables:

The worse is the weather and the faster your hull and your sails are damaged. When their integrity is under 80%, they are damaged faster.

When the integrity or the sail integrity reaches 0, a rescue event is generated

Crew health

When there is no food or no water onboard, the crew health is lowered. If you do not find a solution, the crew slowly starves during 3 days (a continue loss from 100% to 0% health for 3 days). If your boat is resupplied, the crew health increases slowly (3 days to gain 100%).

When the crew health reaches 0, a rescue event is generated

Rescue event

It is enabled when your hull or sails integrity or your crew health reaches 0%. You have to pay a fee of 10000 and you get a 10 day autonomy. If you cannot afford this, your boat stats are reset.


When CVE measures an excessive speed a teleportation is detected. If your are undertaking a mission, your mission is cancelled. Because a telportation is unrealistic (in this century) you are in charge of a fee of 10000 + the number of nautic miles of your teleportation.

Keep in mind that your boat can be telported when you participate in a race or a challenge.